Sojourn tax

The sojourn tax is the income of tourist communities paid by local and foreign citizens staying outside their place of residents for every overnight stay

The host must report the arrival and departure of guests within 24 hours.

Sojourn tax:
  • HRK 8 per day per adult
  • half the sum for children aged 12-18
  • children under 12 do not pay the sojourn tax
  • people with disabilities are exempt from paying if they show the card of the Croatian Association of Persons with Disabilities.

Owners of vacation houses or apartments located in the Tribunj Municipality pay lump sum sojourn tax until 15 July of the current year.

Important notice: Because the Information system for check-in and check-out of tourists eVisitor doesn't have option "Owner of the house and his/her spouse" and "1. and 2. member of household" but instead only "Holiday house or apartment owners and his family", the first two family members who checks-in first will pay 2x60.00 HRK and every other family member who checks-in after them will pay 25.00 HRK each. Those who fail to do so must pay sojourn tax for every overnight stay for them and persons staying in the house/apartment in the amount of 30% of the sojourn tax..

Accommodation renters in Tribunj pay lump sum sojourn tax which they pay in three equal parts, with the first one being due on 31 July, the second one on 31 August and the third one on 30 September of the current year.

65% of sojourn taxes are allotted to the Tribunj Tourist Board, 30% of which the TB gives to the Municipality; 10% of the funds go to the Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board and 25% to the Croatia Tourist Board.

The inspection supervision of the calculation, collection and payment of sojourn and registration and notification of tourists is conducted by the State Inspectorate.